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If I’m ever diagnosed with a terminal disease, this is how I want to be told.

Whoa whoa whoa! ola amigos! It’s been way too long since my last post. man I kinda miss this. :)

Honest 2012 Movie Posters (x)

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This raccoon never left the side of a cat who was dying of a tumor. The cat was comforted for the final hours of her life by her long time friend.


legit tears


the last gif tho, he pats the cat, omg 


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kitty cats

they’re great, aren’t they? Got one in my bed with me right meow. It’s not my cat. I don’t have a cat. I stole it. Just kidding. It’s my friends. I’m kitty sitting for him. I’m going to cry when I have to give him his kitty back. meow.


She died a hero.

epic win.

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Gone commando today.

Feelin breezy!

CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos

First video of the day, and I watch this.

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i love you grumpy cat.

Santa Grumpy Cat Sleeping

Finnick Odair's thoughts during Catching Fire

finnick: 2 tributes won the games this year?
finnick: ok
finnick: im still better than them
finnick: victory tour time, her they come
finnick: fishing
finnick: annie
finnick: fishing
finnick: here they are!
finnick: hey katnus, hey peeta
finnick: im better than you
finnick: k bye
finnick: more fishing
finnick: annie
finnick: oh.... rebellions.. well lets hope nothing happens here!
finnick: fishing, annie, fishing, annie
finnick: ugh Capitol
finnick: Quartell Quell time
finnick: shit
finnick: bye annie
finnick: i love you
finnick: bye fishing
finnick: bye district 4
finnick: DISTRICT 13 WTF!?!?!
finnick: i have to protect katnus and peeta?
finnick: ok watevs
finnick: i hate the Capitol
finnick: woope im almost naked
finnick: hey katnus wanna sugarcube?
finnick: crunch
finnick: yummy
finnick: sugarcubes
finnick: horse
finnick: look so much people
finnick: they all love me
finnick: peasants
finnick: im finnick odair
finnick: hey katnus ill help you with that knot
finnick: time to say ma poem and make some ladies faint
finnick: hahahaha they all think its about them
finnick: i love you annie
finnick: nice dress katnus
finnick: wow shes pregnant *wink wink*
finnick: jeez peeta nice job
finnick: the buns in the oven
finnick: hahahaha odair you are so funny
finnick: ok haymitch ill take care of them
finnick: im going back in
finnick: WATER!!!
finnick: dis gon be good
finnick: no katnus u prego *wink wink* u cant swim to get peeta
finnick: jeez peeta u so heavy, u should eat less bread
finnick: ok mags lets go
finnick: peeta be carefu-
finnick: aww yiss now i get to kiss peeta
finnick: back of katnus, let me have ma chance
finnick: im thirsty
finnick: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
finnick: bad fog bad fog bad bad bad bad
finnick: run for your lives!
finnick: shit i cant take both of them
finnick: im so sorry mags
finnick: mags
finnick: water... it hurts
finnick: ouch katnus be more gentle
finnick: im an otter!!!!
finnick: monkeys
finnick: shit shit shit shit shit
finnick: kill them all kill kill kill kill
finnick: keep your shit together odair, dont cry
finnick: aw fuck that
finnick: maaaaaaaggggsssss!!!!
finnick: oysters
finnick: no katnus im not crying, wat u looking at
finnick: you know if you scratch yourself you will bring infection
finnick: dis bitch, wat she mean in not beautiful
finnick: im always beautiful
finnick: i can't avoid mirrors!!! I have thousands of mirrors at home!!!
finnick: hahahahhaha peeta ur face
finnick: bread
finnick: count the bread
finnick: JOHANNA!!!
finnick: wow johanna dont bite katnus, back off
finnick: omg its a clock
finnick: i still dont get it
finnick: weapons!
finnick: annie
finnick: annie
finnick: annie
finnick: annie
finnick: annie
finnick: annie
finnick: her screams
finnick: no
finnick: no
finnick: no
finnick: no
finnick: not ok
finnick: so not ok
finnick: im done with your shit Capitol
finnick: but where did they get those screams
finnick: more bread
finnick: sleep
finnick: ohh look katnus and peeta making out
finnick: i ship it so much
finnick: otp
finnick: watcha mean make you pretty again katnus i am always flawless!!!
finnick: i dont get the plan
finnick: but johanna gets it so ok
finnick: ok more bread
finnick: where are they
finnick: wat
finnick: what the fuck is going on
finnick: JOHANNA!!!
finnick: KATNUS!!!!
finnick: shitshitshitshitshit
finnick: where are they where are they where are they
finnick: we are supposed to go now
finnick: WATS GOING ON!!?!?!??!?!?
finnick: katnus what are you doi-
finnick: BOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
finnick: no johanna
finnick: no peeta
finnick: no annie
finnick: its not fair
finnick: you need to rescue annie
finnick: give me annie
finnick: chill out katnus, dont kill haymitch
finnick: im so sorry katnus
finnick: i really am
finnick: i wish they were dead
finnick: i wish we were all dead
finnick: annie